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Jungle Reps and Expeditions

While other tour boat and lodge companies show their guests the boundaries of beautiful reserves.Here at Jungle Reps & Expeditions we do our activities right in the heart of the reserves.In unique locations where those other visitors wish, they could go for even an hour.

These remote locations deep in Pacaya Samiria national reserve and another protected areas due to their isolation, are not easily to reach by most.The Amazonia region has many, many great things to offer including the native peoples, rare flora & fauna  but our main goals is to observe animals free and wild.

In the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve and other protected areas, we will spend nights in park ranger stations, tents or campsites.

Giving us greater chances to see big caimans, tapirs, monkeys, manatees, capybaras, anacondas and our constant objective; jungle cats!

Because these areas hold the main source of their food, capybaras! Welcome to Jungle Reps and Expeditions.

our guests say...

"Unforgettable one week experience.We never expected to see so much wildlife and so beautiful and pristine locations. Congratulations Jungle Reps."
Antonio Ocete
"Amazing place where not many visitors get. Outstanding amount of wildlife"
Marcello Galleano
Milano ,Italy
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