Our Charming Indian House

Warm and nice staying with Jungle Reps

Welcome to Charming Indian House

Rustic and beautiful built by local indigenous people with materials taken from the jungle to keep harmony with the enviroment.

Explore the best of the Amazon

All our rooms have shower and bathrooms. Screened rooms and mosquitoes nets are provided. Single, double and triple beds are available.

Jungle style rooms

Rooms for families are available too. If you travel with family let us know if you want multi bed room.

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Comfortable and friendly dinning room

Vegetarian and vegan food available upon request in ahead of time.

Useful information

This house was built in the Yarapa river right in the buffer zone of the Pacaya Samiria reserve, respecting the harmony of nature and to avoid negative impact as less as possible.

One of the ways to maintain harmony with the surroundings and the jungle was built in a rustic way in the same style as the houses of the indigenous people who live in the Amazon.

The dining room and bedrooms are covered by mesh to prevent the entry of mosquitoes and we also provide a bed with a mosquito net for double protection.

This house for people looking for a more adventurous trip because it is more basic, rustic to be in more contact with the jungle.
Animal sightings are best around this area.

It is located in the communal reserve of the Yarapa river in the Cumaceba tributary.

04 bedrooms with private bathroom and shower.
01 dining room where you find drinking water 24 hours.
01 staff house
01 kitchen for food preparation.

For cooking we bring treated water from the city.

To prepare refreshments for guests and staff, we bring treated water from Iquitos.

The water in the showers is only for bathing. It is recommended not to drink or brush your teeth with this water. The color is a little dark since we use river water and this in turn contains tannic acid that emanates from the trees.

We can`t make it clear because we have to add quimical compounds and this is not eco-friendly.

We have a 3000 watts  generator that runs for a few hours a day to avoid the negative impact that motor noise could cause.

To charge the batteries, cameras, cell phones or other devices, we turn on the generator between approximately 6 pm and 9 pm.

If for any reason you want to charge out of this time, you must coordinate with the staff on duty.