A week of intensive wildlife observation

On this opportunity we are pleased to introduce our new product Discover El Dorado.

El Dorado is the furthest and last place from the largest and best protected national reserve in Peru. Talking about El Dorado is talking about observing one of the best protected ecosystems with an abundance of flora and fauna. This place is for explorers who want to have very close contact with nature and see the animals as they should be in their habitats without anyone bothering them.

In El Dorado there are no lodges but ranger stations to spend the night. Here we spend the night in two ways in the ranger stations that are run by organized groups that are made up of people who care for and benefit from the protection of this magical place. There is also the possibility of spending the night in tents that are installed according to the rules of the national reserve.

We can visit El Dorado in programs that range from 05 days to 08 days at least, with a maximum of 20 days to see a good part of this ecosystem along with the animals that live here.

Many companies offer to explore El Dorado, but in the conventional way, exploring places where almost all companies explore, decreasing our options of seeing animals in their natural state.

Jungle Reps explores El Dorado in a different way; El Dorado has its origin deep within the reserve to get there you have to enter through a river where after 5 to 7 days we arrive at this lake full of wildlife. Jungle Reps goes directly to the lake using other ways of transportation so we spend most days on the Dorado itself.

How we got to El Dorado:

We leave from Iquitos by ferry, fast boat or private boat. Each type of transportation has its pros and cons.



  • Approximate travel time 12 to 42 hours
  • Departure time 17 hours
  • We travel like people travel in the Amazon, in our hammocks.
  • It is spacious, you can walk and relax your muscles while we do it.
  • You can interact with local people and practice the Spanish language if you are not a native speaker.
  • Some travel faster than others.
  • We have food, but we must bring our containers to receive the food
  • If you wish to travel by fast ferry, we must reserve the departure for Mondays.


  • It has a departure time and specific days. Sometimes they cancel the last trip for different reasons. Not all companies, but most of them. Recommended day to start; Monday
  • In some cases, they carry a lot of cargo and this causes longer waiting times to continue the trip.
  • They don’t have a fixed schedule

Public fast boat


  • Departure time 16 hours
  • Approximate travel time 08 to 14 hours
  • They leave every day so we can start and finish the expedition any day
  • Almost everyone has satellite internet so if you need to communicate with friends and family here, we have this option. The price of WIFI is included in the payment.
  • Almost all provide food service
  • Only 02 companies provide better service with better bathrooms and seats


  • Some have small and not so new seats
  • There’s not much room to walk

Private fast boat

Travel time 6 to 8 hours


  • You can leave at any time
  • You can stop to take a photo anywhere
  • It is faster


  • Smaller
  • There is no room to walk
  • Pricing


Day 01

Departure to El Dorado by any way of transportation. For travelers who only have 05 days, it is recommended to travel by public fast boat. It will only be explored for 2 to 3 days since the other days will be used on the trip. Now if you have more time, but only want to go for 5 days, it is also possible with prior coordination.

Day 02

Arrival at El Dorado, this day we will explore and spend the night at a park ranger station. This day we have exploration by boat and walk to see the flora and fauna of this area such as macaws, monkeys, sloth bears, dolphins. As we are in a privileged area we have great options to see river wolves and the fearsome jaguar, as well as caimans that exceed 2 or 3 meters in size.

Day 03

This morning we woke up to the roar of sloth bears and the singing of birds, after a brief coffee we will explore to see the animals that are already awake and ready to start the day. We return for breakfast and then take another boat to go to the deepest part of El Dorado. Along the way we will see many species of birds, dolphins, monkeys, river wolves and fearsome large caimans. On the trip that is at the same time an exploration, it is recommended to be very attentive since the animals appear suddenly.

Day 04

Exploration in El Dorado to see the birds that migrate to this area depending on the time of year we can see turtles that nest (June to the end of July) these turtles attract other predators also many species of monkeys approach the shore of the lagoon where They find their food. After lunch we went out to explore and always look for wildlife in the area.

Day 05

Exploration at dawn to look for the jaguar, caimans, river wolves, paiche, monkeys. For people who only booked for 05 days, after breakfast we left for the port to wait for the boat that would take us back to Nauta and then to Iquitos. Trip to Iquitos.

And for those who booked 07 or more days, we will go to explore the El Dorado lagoon in its less explored places, having the opportunity to see more types of animals that we have not seen yet. Night walk.

Day 06

Walk in primary jungle to observe wildlife that come to this area because there are many palm trees that bear fruit and these fruits when they fall are eaten by many terrestrial animals and birds and these in turn attract other predators.

Day 07

After breakfast we went out to wait for the boat that would take us back to the city of Iquitos.

If you reserve more days, we will explore more streams that feed El Dorado, these at the same time have animals that will give us an unforgettable experience. The more days we stay, the more our options of seeing more animals increase.

The tour includes

  • Tour guide
  • Transfers
  • Meals
  • Purified water
  • Accommodation in tents or ranger station rooms
  • Excursions
  • Entry procedure (entrance tickets) to the Pacaya Samiria national reserve

Not included

  • Excursions not mentioned in the program
  • Tips to staff