Why Jungle Reps & Expeditions?
Because Jungle Reps & Expeditions operate tours in the best zone of Amazonia in to see true wildlife and we don`t showcase pet animals and or caged animals. We are the only company that guarantees you the sightseen of true freen and wild wildlife.We don`t give excuses such as: if we have good luck, depending on the weather conditions, possibly. With us you will see the animals.

What is landscape of the area?
The landscape has lush flora and fauna but is enabling activities for our guest even with disabilities.

When is the best time to come?
From July to December if you love fishing, walking a lot, and enjoy watching a lot of turtles and anacondas this is the best time for you!

January to June if you love activities  by boats and dugout canoes, watching monkeys with offspring this is the best time for you!

What about the weather?
From July to December (dry season) we have some rain and the narrow rivers are low allowing many species of animals to breed to breed for example turtles, birds and other mammals. Also is best time for lovers of fishing. Min 22ºC Max 32ºC.

From January to June (rainy season) we have rains that can last from half an hour to two hours or more a day. It is still possible to explor even in the rainy season. It means that it will rain every day but not in the same place. This is the best time to explore this paradise by boat and dugout boats and watching monkeys up close.

Is there a limit to age?
Our activities are highly flexible and you will have many options according to your physical conditions.

Can I bring kids?
You can come with kids. But the recommended age is 5 years and up and under parents’ supervision.

What activities do I have if I go with kids?
Our most requested for kids: swimming with pink and gray dolphins, observation of monkeys, piranha (other species) fishing, survivor training in the jungle and interaction with native kids of the area.

What to bring:
-Travel insurance
-Personal medicines. Ask to your personal doctor.
-Mosquito repellent
-Quick drying clothes
-Long sleeves shirts and long pants
-Hiking shoes
-Flash lights
-Rain gear and for your items as well
-Bathing suits.

Is important the travel insurance?
Yes. It is very important because Jungle Reps & Expeditions reserves the right to not start the tour without this requirement. This rule is requested for all the travel companies and byPacaya Samiria National Reserve itself.

Can I leave tips?
Tips or gratuities are not included in the package but tips are very much appreciated by our staff (guides and others). The amount is according at your discretion.

Do I need to carry cash?
In case you want to tip, shop for souvenirs and handicrafts it is advised to have cash.But if you decide not to carry cash or run out you can also use your credit card at the end of the trip in Iquitos to pay any expenses you incur.

What flight do I have to take?
We recommend to book a flight that arrives a day before the expedition and a flight that departs a day after the expeditions ends.

Where are we going to sleep?
Respecting the rules of the reserve in most remote areas we are required to sleep in tents or in ranger stations.

Our activities are based in the most remote areas of Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. These areas has been selected because of its enormous potential to find wildlife, places sought out by rearchers and Biologists where hunting and fishing is prohibited.

Jungle Reps & Expeditions uses gas engines as little as possible during our expeditions, We prefer travel by foot or dugout canoes to avoid spooking the animals.