Unexplored Pacaya

The Pacaya River is considered as the place that gave name and origin to one of the richest areas of flora and fauna in the South American continent.

The Pacaya River is one of the areas that enjoys an enviable protection system and in addition to other factors that make it a paradise and wild place like few that remain on the earth.

The Pacaya River is within the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. It is a river full of magic and mystery. Where their jealous guardians: parrots, turtles, capybaras, river wolves, anacondas and jaguars rest and care jealously for explorers who have enough time.


To reach the mouth of the Pacaya River you need to navigate an average of 380 kilometers.


Since there are few or no facilities in the area, almost everything should be taken from the city of Iquitos causing a higher cost in operations. But a unique trip that can be the expedition of your lives could be said to be priceless.

Requirements for the trip:

Minimum 02 people. We can also leave with 01 person prior coordination at the time of booking the expedition.

Availability to sleep in tents or park guard stations.

Adventurous spirit


Day 01

Departure byboat, approximately 06 hours of navigation, which will take us to the mouth of the Pacaya River where a smaller boat will wait for us that will facilitate exploration on the Pacaya River. Very rarely the boat tends to delay or advance its departure is for that reason that it is recommended to be in Iquitos 01 day before the expedition and schedule your return flight to Lima or Cusco 01 day after the end of the expedition.

It is recommended to go out with a good breakfast, lunch and other meals we will do it on the trip. Arrival and rest for a few hours in the community of Bretanha to recharge batteries  and while preparing the trip inside one of the most spectacular areas of the Pacaya Samiria reserve.

Day 02

After a consistent breakfast we will depart to the expedition of our lives. Already from this day we disconnected from civilization. Already at the entrance we can see the first signs of wildlife such as gray and pink dolphins, monkeys jumping looking for their food, birds that are waiting for some fish or insect to catch it.

We will stop for 10 minutes at the park ranger station for the corresponding registration. Now we are ready to explore as far as time and energy allow us.

During the navigation we will see yellow, green and red macaws. Observe species of monkeys that can only be seen in this area, there has never been a place so beautiful and full of incredible wildlife, there are really few places left on earth. Arrival to the Anaconda lagoon where we will spend the night. We will assemble our tent and then explore to find the treasures that are saved by this lagoon and surroundings.

In most places in the Amazon, alligators or Amazonian crocodiles can be seen at night, here in the Pacaya River we can see them in the day receiving the sun rays that will help them in their vital functions.

Observation of pink dolphins that live all year in this lagoon with beautiful sunset as we almost always have in this area.

After dinner we went exploring again by boat around the lagoon. In this lagoon we can almost always see capybaras in the day and with more options at night. This mammal is considered the largest rodent in the world being the favorite diet of jaguars that inhabit the Pacaya river.

Day 03

Sunrise and explore one of the lagoons where species of river wolves and anacondas inhabit while preparing breakfast. After breakfast we pack all our belongings and set off to reach our next target. Yarina Lagoon this lagoon is characterized by its varied flora and fauna.

 Observe capybaras, toucans, macaws, howler monkeys and huapos monkeys who were impressed by our presence since many of these primates may never have seen a human being.

We arrive at the Yarina lagoon and spend the night in this area after exploration before and after breakfast. At night, great options to see more wildlife from canoes and boats.

Days 04-05-06-07

During these days we will continue exploring inside the reserve in canoes, boats, hikes, since the Pacaya Samiria reserve, especially the Pacaya river area, has countless lagoons that some of them were never explored by foreigners. Our goal is to reach park ranger station 05. We will reach this goal depending on the level of the river or also depending on the places we explore since some of the animals have to be migrating and sometimes we can stay in some areas longer than expected. These will be the days that give us a high probability of observing the most precious cat in South America; the jaguar.

Day 08

We begin the return downstream. After breakfast we list all our belongings and leave back. The fact that we are returning does not mean that we are not going to explore, on the contrary, we will continue to observe animals that, by way of saying, we will see on the banks.

We will try to spend the night in the Yarina lagoon or in the Yanayacu lagoon.

Optional night safari.

Day 09

We say goodbye to the Pacaya Samiria reserve, especially the Pacaya River, a river that will surely remain in our retina for all our days to come and not be surprised if you later wish to return.

This day we will wait for the ferry that will take us back to the city of Iquitos. In some cases the ferry can be advanced or delayed in case of delay we will spend the night in the town of Bretanha until waiting for the arrival of the ferry.

Day 10

Arrival to the city of Iquitos and our services end at the hotel of choice.

Before booking any tour we require all clients to carefully consult our Terms.