Wildlife River cruise in 10 days

We explore exclusively by boat with little or no walking unless requested by the traveler. What is the difference between Jungle Reps and other companies regarding this program?

The answer is very simple; other companies only take you to explore basic jungle where wildlife is poor. Jungle Reps takes you to explore the places where the flora and fauna is in great conditions. In 10 days, we explore only areas protected by the government that guarantee us the sighting of wildlife.

Some details to keep in mind:


Our food service is based on fresh vegetables, meats and fruits. If you want another type of food as; vegan, vegetarian or of another type, please communicate at the time of making the reservation.


We carry portable toilets or use toilets in places assigned by the reserve to explore.

Where to sleep

We offer you a wide option where to sleep as; park ranger stations with toilets, tents, hammocks with mosquito nets, inflatable mattresses and houses of people who live in the jungle to experience how people really sleep in the jungle.

Where to eat

We can eat;  in the boat, build a portable dining room in the middle of the jungle or on the shore of a river or lake while we appreciate the animals that are in the jungle.

Our boat

It is 12 meters or 36 feet long by 2 meters or 6 feet wide that is propelled by a 15-30 hp outboard motor here the guide, driver, cook travels. Our capacity is only for up to 06 guests (plus 3 staff). Only a boat of this size allows us to explore the small streams where the animals and the most spectacular landscapes are concentrated. In case of larger groups please don´t hesitate to contact us.


Our excursions are carried out only in our boat while we are sailing we are observing the animals from our comfort without making much effort other than sitting. We can also eat our food while we navigate. In short, it is like watching a documentary on the Amazon for 10 days without having to walk, but if you want to walk, we can do it too.


If you want to keep in touch while exploring with family, clients or friends do not worry since we carry a satellite device that allows connecting up to 10 devices at the same time. You can chat with your relatives and friends through your emails or social networks, even make calls. They are rarely when it rains too hard it does not work well but it is unlikely.


Day 01

To reach our destination, which is the Pacaya river, we must take a large boat where an average of 50 to 70 people travel and after 8 to 11 hours of navigation we arrive where our  boat will be waiting for us together with the staff that will accompany us. in this adventure of a lifetime.

Night in the jungle. Tents or ranger station.

Day 02

Exploration at dawn with a good tea, coffee or fruit juice we will start the navigation and meet the first animals of the day, enjoy seeing monkeys, birds, giant river otters, and more animals because this is one of the few places where we can guarantee wildlife sighting.

We will navigate for an average of 03 to 04 hours until we reach a lake where we can see giant rodents called capybaras. Lunch on the lake. We will set up our camp for lunch and spend the night at the Enchanted Lagoon. In the afternoon, we invite you to do an exploration and see the pink dolphins that live in this area of ​​the Pacaya Samiria national reserve. Overnight at our camp and after dinner go out to explore in our large and comfortable boat.

Day 03

Wake up to the call of howler monkeys, these mammals have the loudest animal sound on earth capable of being heard many miles away. Also, listen to the toucans and macaws calling as if to get our attention.

While we are sailing, a delicious breakfast will be served until we reach the area called Perdido Lake where it is believed that it remained hidden by the forest for a long time and that thanks to Jungle Reps it is possible to visit it. This lake is home to giant river otters, which is considered the wildest aquatic predator in the Amazon.

In the afternoon while we have lunch and sail we can see the jungle and its inhabitants such as funny monkeys, birds and other types of mammals and who knows a jaguar crossing the river in search of food from the tranquility of our boat.

Arrival at our camp to spend the night and go on an excursion in our boat.

Day 04

Sunrise in the tropical jungle in the peacefull that only the Amazon can offer us. Have breakfast while sailing to the beat of gray and pink dolphins, giving us excellent opportunities to take the best photos of these aquatic mammals. In the afternoon while we have lunch we will arrive at Selva Escondida in this area, according to studies and statistics, it has the highest rate of jaguar sightings. From this moment our options to see the jaguar, which is a mammal that is one of the most difficult to see in the world. So we must be very attentive throughout the trip. Night in Selva Escondida.

Day 05

We wake up in the camp and we leave until we reach the area called Playa del Jaguar (Jaguar´s sandbar) because here the turtles nest and the jaguar waits for its prey to be able to feed on them. With the boat, we will stay this day and the next exploring this area so that our options of seeing large mammals are the best.

Day 06

We explore Playa del Jaguar (Jaguar´s sandbar) and very often, we can see anacondas taking sunbaths to help in their metabolism. Exploration by boat to reach another of the camps and spend the night. Exploration at night to see wildlife. Night in camp.

Day 07

We wake up at the most remote point of our journey to start our return. That does not mean that we return without doing anything because sailing back we are also exploring and many times we can see animals or events that we did not see when entering or in the previous days. Night in camp where we spent the night in previous nights.

Day 08

Return navigation and we will continue in the Pacaya Samiria reserve that means that we will explore other possible lakes that we did not explore in the navigation upstream. Lunch at the lagoon to see more monkeys, dolphins, birds and among other animals.

Day 09

Departure at dawn to the main river and sail with our boat to our destination that is near Nauta. Tonight they have the option of spending the night in a camp in the jungle or in a hotel in Nauta. Unless we decide of going straight to Iquitos.

Day 10

Depending on the flight time, we return to the city of Iquitos or breakfast in Iquitos.

End of our services.

What to bring:

  • Travel insurance (personal and materials injuries, flightscancellations,  delayed and or lost)
  • Long sleeve T-shirts
  • Long pants
  • Bug repellent
  • Sun lotion
  • Hat
  • Bathing suit in case of swimming
  • Small back pack
  • Rain gear for personal and Hi-tech devices protection.
  • Bring the most necessary. Big luggages and bags can stay in your hotel or at Jungle Reps´office.