Yarapa wilderness 05 days | 04 nights

What to expect

  • Great locations for wildlife observation.
  • Great staff.
  • Days full of activities.
  • Great variety of monkey especies.
  • Best spot for pink and grey dolphins observation.
  • The most exotic and colorful birds.

What to bring:

  • Small backpack to bring the most necessary to the jungle.
  • If you want to leave your suitcases or large backpacks, you can do so at your hotel or in our office.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Long pants.
  • Bathing suit.
  • Sun lotion.
  • Mosquito repellent.
  • Money for gratuities (optional).
  • Binoculars.
  • Rain poncho / Rain gear.
  • Bottle to refill with water

Payment includes:

  • Transfers.
  • Entrance fees to protected areas.
  • Purified water.
  • Tea.
  • Coffee.
  • Guide.
  • Driver.
  • Camping gear.
  • Excursions.
  • First aid kit.

Yarapa wilderness 05 days | 04 nights

If you want to experience the Amazon in a different way surrounded by a lot of flora and fauna, sleeping in a rustic camp in the middle of the jungle, we also combine with nights in our indigenous style lodge then this is for you.

Day 01

8:00 am

We start the adventure from the reception at the hotel of your choice or at the airport. If you have a flight that arrives earlier or later after 8:00 am but you still want to start the tour today, you must communicate at the time of making the corresponding reservation.

Then we go to Nauta city. The trip is by car and takes approximately 2 hours. At the beginning of the road we will see the new part of the city. This part was not very inhabited, but from 2012 we had a flood of the river that broke all records and many people were affected and had to move to the higher parts near Iquitos.

Already from kilometer 26 on the right side of the road begins one of the national reserves that is characterized by its high biodiversity in plants and animals such as; birds, reptiles, primates and other types of mammals so don’t be surprised if you see reptiles or monkeys crossing the road.

When we arrive in Nauta, our boat awaits us to start navigating our rivers, which are first characterized by being large, surrounded by lush vegetation unique in the world. Since we started sailing many times, funny and colorful dolphins accompany us during the navigation, we must be very attentive since the Amazon dolphins rarely show their entire body.

1:00 pm

Arrival at our lodge which is located in the Yarapa river basin, a river that is characterized by conserving its biodiversity. This ecosystem is surrounded by two types of vegetation that assures us the sighting of many species of flora and fauna. Eminences of the scientific world as well as international universities recognized worldwide for their work on the study of ecology. Not all the area of ​​the Yarapa reserve has good flora and fauna. By having the highly trained native personnel of the area to find the animals, we make a great difference with other operators.

3:00 pm

We explore the Yarapa river and surroundings to see the animals that nature can offer us; It is very common to start interacting with birds, monkeys and dolphins on this day. We also invite you to swim close to the dolphins at a safe distance so as not to disturb them. We invite you to see some of the best sunsets that can be seen in the Amazon due to the quality of the reflection of the waters found here.

6:30 pm

Return to the lodge

7:00 pm

Dinner and then we go on a night safari. When we all think that at nightfall we are all going to sleep, nothing more contradictory in the jungle where a much more active world awakens; the world of insects, alligators or Amazonian crocodiles, tarantulas among other insects. This activity will be done on foot or by boat.

This activity just by going out and listening to the natural symphony of the jungle and seeing the stars will give us an experience that we will remember forever.

Day 02

Wake up to the sounds of nature, bustling toucan parrots and monkeys start the morning to wake us up and feed. This program starts between 5:45 am and 6:00 am before breakfast.

7:30 am

Return to the lodge for breakfast and recharge and then embark on an exploration either by boat or walk to see and learn about the properties of our medicinal plants that the natives use for millennia. During the boat trip and the walk we will also observe exotic animals typical of the tropical Amazon.

11:30 am

Return to the lodge and we invite you to take a short swim to refresh ourselves while they serve us lunch.

12:30 pm

Lunch and in the afternoon we will explore a native community where the settlers preserve their main customs. This community people wear normal clothes. Possibility to interact with local people. And in the same town there is an area where they have the Victoria Regia which is the largest floating aquatic lilies in the world. Upon return to our lodge, possibility of watching the sunset.

6:00 pm

Return to the lodge.

7:00 pm

Dinner and then we have another night safari. Certainly some activities seem to repeat themselves but the animals that we can find vary making the difference between the activities.

Day 03

Excursion at sunrise to see the first species of animals that appear to be able to obtain breakfast.

8:00 am

Breakfast and after breakfast we will prepare our camping equipment since this day we are going to go deeper into the jungle. We will carry tents or hammocks where we will spend the night. We will also bring basic food to be able to subsist the 2 nights that we are going to have camping. The guide often gives us a small training course on fishing, and the search for edible fruits and seeds.

10:00 am

We start a deeper exploration with our camping equipment and sleep in the jungle in a different way either in tents or in hammocks. Cooking in a typical way.

When we arrive at our inhospitable base camp we will set up our tents or hammocks to be able to spend the night.

3:00 pm

After lunch we will either go for a walk or explore by boat always with our goal of seeing what the mother jungle has prepared for us.

6:00 pm

Return for dinner and then go out by boat to see the starry sky. Our guests almost always tell us that they have never seen such a starry sky.

Day 04

This morning if you think that one night was enough to sleep in hammocks or tents, we will begin the return to spend the night in our lodge. This must be confirmed before going out to the jungle in order to see the availability of our rooms.

If you want to continue camping in the jungle after breakfast this morning we will move to another place in the jungle to continue exploring and enjoying all the possible sightings.

When we arrive at the place where we are going to spend the night we will set up our camp again.

In the afternoon another interesting exploration awaits us.

Night exploration after dinner.

Day 05

Return to our lodge for breakfast. After breakfast we invite you to an optional excursion that can be walking, exploring by boat or swimming. Although there is also the possibility of staying to rest especially for those who have flights.

12:00 pm

Lunch and return to the city of Nauta and Iquitos. If some of the guests had a flight, the departure time could be earlier or later.

Before booking any tour we require all clients to carefully consult our Terms.

The best way to see the amazon is with Jungle Reps.”

Marina Rocco from New York USA

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