Survival training

Sometimes we have wondered how man lived in the Amazonian villages before the markets or supply centers existed to be able to obtain food every day and especially when they had a family, it was not an easy task.

The human being is a magical being capable of adapting to the most hostile environments that we have in different parts of the world.

For members of the military, learning to survive is part of the training. It is an indispensable part of learning the secrets of the jungle and being able to find food based on fruits, roots, fungi, seeds, parts of trees and animals.

Our survival programs are accompanied by highly experienced guides. Guides who have been working in the survival field for more than 20 years.

Our graduated guides from the armed forces will be very happy to teach you the secrets of the jungle as well as the mysteries that sometimes leave us amazed. Facts that are mysteries for the Amazonian man.

In our survival training consider the following aspects:

Aimed to:

Anyone who wants to learn the secrets of the jungle, learn what the course calls it to survive in the jungle.

Also to people or institutions that need this training for work and personal purposes.

In this course you will learn:

  •     To find the way back without using compasses or GPS.
  •     Find foods based on seeds, stems, fruits, seeds, insects and more.
  •     Make a safe camp and avoid the annoyance of bugs and weather.
  •     Make rafts to navigate and find help.
  •     Know medicinal plants and recognize toxic plants or fruits.
  •     Make canoes to navigate and find help.
  •     Fish to survive.
  •     Look for edible larvae.
  •     Find edible insects that will provide us with the necessary proteins to survive.

Duration time

Our survival programs range from 7 to 30 days.

Exploration areas

Our areas destined for this program are the areas of Pacaya Samiria, Rio Tahuayo, Rio Amazonas, Rio Yarapa and the reserve of the feline tribe better known as the Matses.


We have divided the resistance level from 1 to 5.

Level 1 is basic, soft. We help each other with some food that we bring from the city and we do it by boat.

Level 2 or Moderate. We learn to find food, to find a way back.

Level 3 or Regular we already learn to make our shelter, differentiate poisonous animals and plants

Level 4 or Strong. Here we are going to be ready to survive anywhere in the jungle.

Level 5 or Very strong. This level requires a good physical shape since we mostly do it walking and rowing. If you are looking for a lot of adrenaline then levels 4 and 5 is for you.


Our guides with extensive experience and trained in first aid. In addition, each expedition carries a first aid kit that, apart from containing pills for basic events such as pain, dizziness, allergies, also has polyvalent antivenom serum that acts against snake’s toxins.

In 20 years of experience nothing bad happened but we are ready for any emergency event that may happen.

Before booking any tour we require all clients to carefully consult our Terms.